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South Africa guarantees the rights of gay and lesbian people, including the right to same-sex marriages.
But hate crimes on the basis of sexual orientation are not recognised by South African law. 
The most high profile of the women to be murdered was Eudy Simelane, former star of South Africa's acclaimed Banyana Banyana national female football squad. She was raped then stabbed over 25 times to her death.


The existing negative perception about lesbian, bi-sexuel and transsexual (LBT) women in our society has to change. 

Violence, hate and rape NEVER changes our sexuality. We have to educate the people, that sexuality is not something that you choose, you just happen to be lesbian, heterosexual or transsexual.















We provide a safe house and medical care for recent victims of «corrective rape». As one of our main projects, we cook and distribut healthy meals for the victims of rape and also their families. We distribute donated goods such as bedding, toiletries and clothes. We care for the victims and accompany the women back to their lifes.


We support and reach out to the lesbians who have been forced from their homes and families due to their sexual orientation and HIV status. We give them a house and friends who care for what they do and who they are.


We help people who are less fortunate then we are. We hand out food and other necessary things for their daily life. 


To create awareness of social issues e.g. rape, sexual assault, discrimination concerning LBT human rights at a pro- fessional and social level. Advocate and campaign for awareness.


To celebrate young and older lesbians through arts, drama, sport and other forms of expression. The cultur/art and the sport teams are perfect to establish friendships. They provide support, solidarity and are fun. Two soccer teams and one rugby team play in the name of Luleki Sizwe.


We organize educational programmes and computer classes. Empower lesbians regarding issues such as safe sex, healthy living, health programmes, sport, media, arts/culture and human rights. We inform and enlighten them about HIV/AIDS. We

assist local groups including the elderly and HIV charities


2016: IGLTA Community Honors 2016: Ndumie Funda

We received this honor in April this year at the IGLTA Annual Global Convention in Cape Town, for the work with Luleki Sizwe.

Thank you so much, I'm honored.


2012: M.A.C AID Fellow

In 2012, I was selected for a M.A.C AID Fellowship Programme on HIV/GBV Prevention. My Prevention Plan, «We Are One», focused on bringing churches onboard with the plight of LGBTI community towards HIV/GBV prevention in the area of Gugulethu & Nyanga, Cape Town. The programme is successfully implemented.


2012: DASO Poster Presentation

I, together with my partner, made a poster to raise awareness and to battle against the ongoing Corrective Rape in our society. It also promoted the free to love.



2012: National Protest Convener

In the light of the ongoing onslaught on LGBTI communities in the country, I was selected to handover the memorandum to the ANC office complaining about the ruling partys silence and inaction.


2012:  HIVOS Invitation in Netherlands

As a known activist of the gay/lesbian community, I was invited
to the Pride and to present my documentary, «Warrior of Love», which was nominated as the best «Warrior of Love».


2012: Gender Links Summit

Through invitation, I was an active participant in the 10th Gender Links Summit and also had comprehensive discussions and meetings with Ekurhuleni Madam Speaker on gender issues.


2012: Petition Against Hate Crime

After being harassed by Andile Ncoza because of being a lesbian, and as intimidation continued after he received bail, I started a petition that went countrywide and also got international attention. This finally led to 170 000 worldwide signatures that demanded the rape of lesbians be declared as a Hate Crime.This forced Jacob Zuma to delegate the Minister Jeff Hadebe to have a meeting with me and the LGBTI sector.


2011: Hate Crime Task Team

I was voted as the active member of the Hate Crime Task Team seeking to address issues of the violation of constitutional rights of lesbians and gays.,,


2011: Hilary Clinton Invitation in Geneva

I was invited to discuss with parliamentarians and to highlight the challenges facing South Africa under the ANC leadership as part of a resolution seeking process.


2011: Helen Suzman Foundation Convention

In the effort of bridging gaps between the Constitution and Homo-phobic Realities – I formed part of the discussions and resolutions on bridging gaps alongside Eusebius, Edwin Cameron, Andries Nel and others.


2011: Rhodes University Address

During the Women’s Month, I addressed Political and International Gender Studies students about issues of Hate Crimes and Luleki Sizwe’s work in Cape Town townships sharing the stage with Eusebius, who is the icon on Gender Issues.

2011: BBC Interview on Hate Crime

A special interview was arranged for me to clarify all the challenges facing LGBTI communities in the country especially the Hate Crime and Corrective Rape onslaught that the community continued to cruelly endure.


2011: Invitation to a Platform in Dublin 2010: Online Petition

I was also invited to constructively participate to a platform in Dublin tackling human rights courtesy of having been registered as a Human Rights Defender with Frontline Defenders.


2011: Pink Week Guest Speaker – University of Cape Town

In 2011, I addressed the University of Cape Town as a guest speaker talking about my extensive work in fighting for the constitutional rights of LGBTI communities and against Hate Crimes that have engulfed the black townships.


2010 – 2012: Chairperson of Black City Community

As a resident of the Black City, Nyanga and due to my community work, I was elected as the chairperson of Black City overlooking developmental issues and setting up street committees.


2010: Sparkling Women 2010: Nomination for New Feminist

My work in the LGBTI struggle led me to be recognized as one of the sparkling women in an article of the magazine and the only woman from South Africa to be nominated in 8 countries.


2008: Formation of Luleki Sizwe

In March 2008, I started Luleki Sizwe, an NGO that tackles LGBTI issues and tackles social issues like Hate Crime, HIV/AIDS and gender violence in general. I am the Founder and Director of the organization.


2005 – 2006: Cape Town Pride Executive Committee Member

As an active member of the Pride, I was also elected into the position of the Cape Town Pride Executive Committee so as to play a bigger role in the organization of the Pride. I pride myself at

being the first black lesbian to bring the Pride to Gugulethu, a black township.,


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